In addition to continuing to bring  3D animated feature film  projects into the development arena, KingDom Productions is moving into creating and producing live action features, web series and short form content for mobile devices.

alone - A live action dramatic series

  •   On September 12th, 2004, 1st Lieutenant, David Mercy and four other soldiers, including one woman, part of a Force Recon unit set out on a mission in the Tangi Valley, Afghanistan. They quickly find themselves in a grave situation in this inaccessible and infamously named, “hell on earth” also known as the “Valley of Death.”  In reality, the events of that day will play out in a little more than six hours. In the netherworld of life and death, that moment when we face the void, David Mercy's fight to stay alive, his entire life spilling out of him like synaptic grains of sand will last but mere milliseconds but feel like forever, preserved in a fragile, ethereal vacuum of self- examination.   His life review, though the viewer will not know this conceit, will unfold over the course of this series revealing everything that he ever was, dreamed, hoped for, loved or tried to love. Questions will be answered. There will be lost. There will be transcendence. His journey and those he embraces will either save him or kill him.  “ALONE” is a visually stunning puzzle that plays like a murder mystery, a thriller and a love story.  It is all those and much more as we leap with David Mercy  into the light, into all that he touches, feels and embraces.  


Proof Of Concept Trailer

Not original footage shot but rather referenced to give stylistic and tone approach for intended project.


Not original footage shot but rather referenced to give stylistic and tone approach for intended project.

Mock Opening Title Sequence

*Cast Credits are only our wish list and not in any contractual way tied to this proposed project.



  SEEDS is relentless; a horror film that gets under your skin on a psychological level combined with a shot to your gut, blood-laced survival momentum that even when it’s over, you ask….is it really over.? ...or are these abominations waiting, laying dormant, just needing the right conditions to spring to life again and spread terror to whoever is doomed to come in contact with them.  

  •   Thirty-two year old, eight months pregnant, eco-architect, Jules Mason has unknowingly purchased the very land a horrific, 1958 incident occurred on where she has designed and built the first self-sustaining home that she hopes will attract like-minded, environmentally conscious people to start a community. When her husband, Matthew and their sixteen year old daughter Betsy join her from their home in Austin, Texas everything is great, the future holds promise and a new adventure. That changes quickly when workers, drilling through rock to put in a new well, set in motion horrors that will rival what happened back in 1958. In the dark recesses of the homes’ basement, the first, long-dormant “seed” becomes a plant bearing strange fruit. Over time, this insidious “alien form” starts to take over just beyond their unsuspecting eyes. 



A storyboard presentation for the opening scene of the live-action horror film SEEDS.

genetically modified organisms gone bad... real bad